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Please note that due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we have updated some of our gym rules.
See below or contact your Given100 trainer for more info!

  1. We are currently limiting the number of clients to 6 per session.

  2. Sessions start ON THE HOUR and end at xx:50. If you are running late, your session will still end on time, allowing for a 10 minute gap in between client sessions.

  3. We encourage all clients to arrive on time and ready to workout. If you need to cancel, you must do so 3 hours in advance to allow for someone to take your spot.

  4. To adhere to our 50 minute workout sessions, please plan on any pre or post workout stretching to be done at home. Clients must be out before the top of the hour when the new session starts.

  5. We will check temperatures prior to training sessions, and anyone over the recommended limit will be sent home.

  6. We are so excited to be training again, but we are also taking extra cleaning precautions to keep our clients safe. Please use hand sanitizer and wash your hands before arriving.

  7. Please be respectful of your Given100 trainers and other clients who may want to work out by maintaining 6 foot distance and adhering to your allotted time frame.

Thank You!

We want everyone’s Given100 experience to be fun and exciting but also affordable.

1 hour sessions are $25 each. For $100, book an unlimited weekly pass for up to 6 sessions (once daily). For additional daily sessions, contact one of our Given100 trainers.

​Training is available for up to 6 clients at a time. Click Book It below to schedule.
Or to manage your booking sessions, download the Wix app and use the Invite Code COOCQO to be added to the Given100 booking page!

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